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Treating Senile Dementia in Nursing Home Cedaen


Treatment of geriatrics for elderly people

Treating Senile Dementia in Nursing Home Cedaen
Dementia is a syndrome that receives a specialized treatment center. Cedaen is a center created to meet the needs of people in situations of dependency. The center provides direct, professional and personalized care to patients suffering from Alzheimer's disease and other neurodegenerative acquired brain injury (we have a unit specified for the treatment and rehabilitation of these patients, children, adults and older)
CEDAEN is a specialized Alzheimer's and neurodegenerative diseases that provides many services for seniors center.
The residence is located between Granada and Almeria and serves patients from all over Spain. Senile dementia is not exclusive in older adults but the likelihood of developing it increases from 65 to about 90 years. Dementia refers to a set of acquired cognitive and behavioral symptoms of type, not a specific condition. CEDAEN offers services in its center to treat symptomatology of dementia, promoting respite and improving the experience of older people.
Patients may benefit to some extent from treatment with available medications and other measures, such as cognitive training. Dementia is a family bereavement.

According M.Uncal Jose Jimenez de Cisneros, Psychiatrist Allumar medical center. "Sea by Alzheimer's or any other evil that impairs mental function, the person in question ceases to be the same His personality changes, mood altered, your memory is lost, their reasoning is distorted and obviously is chaos in the family system hitherto more or less stabilized. "

Previndal Health through its Nursing Home and Elder or older offers services and facilities that ininciden on the evolution of Alzheimer's disease and other neurodegenerative brain damage acquired by combining an array of pharmacologic treatments with non pharmacological, trying to stop the development of these diseases.