Cedaen. Residencia de ancianos



Previndal with Specialized Center in Alzheimer and Neurodegenerative Diseases, CEDAEN, commitment to research in the field of brain damage, and more specifically in degenerative diseases, in collaboration with the Experimental and Applied Neuropsychology Research Group, University of Almeria. We go deeply into the cognitive processes that are damaged at the beginning of degenerative disease, such as memory and spatial orientation in processes related to impulsivity and social cognition, and we aim to develop strategies that can mitigate or at least delay, the development of disease through the measure of cognitive reserve and support can be made thereto.

Cedaen in collaboration with the University of Almeria and other institutions in the health field, regularly held courses and seminars devoted to advances in treatment and approach to degenerative disease and acquired brain damage. These sessions are open to all Health Sciences professionals (speech therapists, nurses, occupational therapists, psychologists, doctors, physiotherapists) and will have the support of the institutions outlined.

Coming soon in collaboration with the group of Experimental Neuropsychology, University of Almeria, will take place during New Therapies in degenerative diseases.

Group of Experimental Neuropsychology, University of Almeria.