Cedaen. Residencia de ancianos

Care Home Granada


CEDAEN is a Care Home between Granada and Almeria, old people

CEDAEN residence Almeria, nursing home

CEDAEN, is a care home, residence of elderly people closer to Granada. It´s a new installation, a nursing home specializing in nuerodegenerativas diseases . 

A reference center in eastern Andalusia, LOCATED in Chirivel , Very near Granada , Almería , Murcia and Jaen.



Thank the families who have opted for CEDAEN as the best private Specialized Center. Residence closer to Almeria where you could visit and met ours therapies and staff; to known personally Center and how we serve a LUS Family from here.


Cedaen Is A Specialized Center in neurodegenerative diseases Alzheimer's. If you are looking for a residence elderly or residence closer Granada, this is the higher offer price, even cheaper, than others less without the Modern, Professional and Technical Means of the county , or nursing homes Almería , Granada , Jaén and Murcia.