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Cognitive stimulation: It is the set of procedures and techniques that are designed to achieve the most intellectual the best family and social adaptation in subjects who suffer in this case a degenerative process. Its foundation is neurobiological synaptic plasticity.
Basically restoration strategies are used compensation and replacement in cognitive functions either on the basis of environmental modifications compensatory skills training or retraining of the areas directly involved.

Physiotherapy service and motor stimulation: It provides the movement exercise and physical means to achieve the rehabilitation and improvement maintenance or restoration of skills as well as to maintain patient autonomy as long as possible. All this increases the comfort and quality of life of patients and their families.
The types of therapy depends on the degree of disease.

Maintenance capabilities: As stimulating therapy and therapy facilitator of learning tasks.


  • Training of transfers: Transfers (from bed to   chair ...).
  • Preventing Incontinence: bladder training arrival to the bathroom ...
  • As a first step against behaviour disorders (agitation wandering sleep disorders apathy ...) is deemed to exercise preferably morning is relaxing and sleep-inducing.
  • Prevention of deformities.
  • Preventing pressure ulcers: Positioning and technical measures.
  • Swallowing: that is neurological in origin and often using very simple steps you prevent possible choking and bronco aspirations (risk of pneumonia).


Occupational Therapy: It is responsible for assessing and treating the deficiency which the person presents whether on a physical mental or social. At the same time that the individual attempting to recover or maintain the activities of daily life at an optimum level of performance although the pathology.


Music Therapy: Therapy to improve or promote communication relationships learning movement expression organization and other relevant therapeutic objectives in order to meet the physical emotional mental social and cognitive. Music therapy aims to develop potential or restore the functions of the individual so that he can better integrate intra or interpersonal and provide a better quality of life through prevention rehabilitation and treatment.

Mindfulness: As a therapeutic procedure search above all that the emotional aspects and any other non-verbal processes are accepted and lived in his own condition without being prevented or try to control them. It is used in combination with other therapies that enhance cognitive and emotional state of the patient.

Art Therapy: This therapy (clay molding painting and even gardening) is based on artistic expression as a means of social integration art creativity that helps improve the quality of life of patients with Alzheimer\'s and other degenerative diseases. Loneliness self-esteem loss failure insecurity depression and other mental states are the more immediate goal of therapies that promote creativity.


Animal-assisted therapy: Innovative therapy which an animal that meets specific criteria for selection is an integral part of the process of treatment. It is directed by a health care professional and specialized in their field. It is designed to promote an improvement on the physical mental social emotional language and / or cognitive. It can be done in a multitude of scenarios and can be done individually or in groups.